Digital hospital-wide blood
glucose management solutions

Based on SIBIONICS® CGM, it provides systematic hospital-wide blood glucose management solutions, realizes the unified management of blood glucose monitoring for patients in multiple departments, and connects the whole process of blood glucose data display, storage and transmission. The application scenes cover outpatient, inpatient, discharge and home, providing good conditions for remote endocrinology consultation and comprehensively assisting in the information construction of hospitals.

Remote management by hospitals

·Check real-time blood glucose data

·Follow up patient conditions

·Evaluate the efficacy of medication

·Guide adjustment of therapeutic regimens

Self-management by users

·Check real-time blood glucose data

·Reminder of high or low blood glucose level

·Daily records of medication and diet

·Help to adjust living habits

Remote monitoring by friends and relatives

·Check real-time blood glucose data

·Check daily blood glucose profile and indicators

·Reminder of high or low blood glucose events

·Check reports from friends and relatives

The outpatient systemimproves the return visit rate of patients
  • Patients' blood glucose data are uploaded to the outpatient system in real time
  • Remote monitoring by healthcare workers, blood glucose data can be checked and the reports can be printed at any time
  • When patients return to hospitals, the outpatient department can consult the historical dynamic blood glucose reports, which is convenient to trace the course of disease
  • Realize the tracking and management of outpatients, and improve the return visit rate of patients
Inpatient system multi-departmentcollaboration efficient management
Multi-department management interconnection
Support the connection with hospital HIS and other information systems
Build a hospital-wide blood glucose management data center to realize real-time monitoring and efficient management
Multiple benefits from digital hospital-wide blood glucose management

· Help to improve blood glucose control rate

· Beneficial to reduce the incidence of complications and reduce medical expenditure

· Improve compliance and obtain continuous health management services


· Reduce the average length of hospitalization, and facilitate the implementation of DRGs

· Improve the bed turnover rate and outpatient return visit rate

· Remote endocrinology consultation, facilitate full-scene diabetes management

Healthcare worker

· Reduce workload, and improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency

· Optimize blood glucose monitoring process

· Mine medical big data, and support clinical scientific research

*Expert Consensus on Blood Glucose Management in Chinese Inpatients, Chinese Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2017; 33 (1): 1-10

SiDoctorThe diabetes management assistant for physicians
Common choice of 10000+ physicians

SiDoctor APP is an app assistant that provides endocrinologists with remote diabetes management services. According to the behavior records of patient-end APP, physicians can see the medication, diet, exercise, blood glucose fluctuation of patients in real time. It supports the classification management of patients through TIR and other indicators, which helps physicians comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic regimens of patients.

Remote monitoring

Remote checking of patients' blood glucose data, follow up their conditions

Efficient management

Patient classification management, standardized reports are self-explanatory

Facilitate decision-making

Multidimensional presentation of blood glucose data, comprehensively evaluate the effect of blood glucose control

Android installation QR code
IOS installation QR code

**For Android version, you need to scan and open in the browser, then download and install SiDoctor APP.

* For IOS version, you need to download and install Testflight, then click Start Test to download and install SiDoctor APP.

Sibionics Internet Hospital,a leading medical big data health management platform

Based on innovative medical devices such as SIBIONICS® CGM, through artificial intelligence algorithm and 5G disease remote intelligent diagnosis and treatment system, Sibionics Internet Hospital provides convenient and accessible screening, diagnosis, chronic disease management and other intelligent medical and health services for the society, realizes early detection, early intervention and early treatment, and reduces treatment costs and social burdens.

Professional collaboration, empower the medical service ability of SIBIONICS
Report interpretation
Support report interpretation services for SIBIONICS users
Dietary counseling
Professional dietitians provide reasonable and individualized dietary advice
Health managemen
Rely on intelligent hardware devices and Internet medical service platforms to provide intelligent and individualized health management services for patients with chronic diseases.
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