Beta Club, a diabetes health communication platform
Established in 2021, relying on digital diabetes management technology, Beta Club has always focused on glucose control education services and needs of diabetics, actively organized to carry out hundreds of online/offline communication and sharing activities, professional glucose control knowledge classes and glucose control health management services for diabetics. At the same time, it has organized diabetic health management interaction activities in 2V+6 mode, so that more diabetics can realize independent glucose control.
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Helping College Students with Type 1 Diabetes

Beta Club has practiced its social responsibility and held the public welfare activity of "Helping College Students with Type 1 Diabetes", provided "Psychological Counseling Public Welfare Assistance" for diabetics, and contributed to the national diabetes prevention and control. Beta Club expects to help diabetics realize glucose control freedom and enjoy life every day by the power of care and technology.

Public welfare activities for patients with type 1 diabetes

Public welfare activities for patients with type 1 diabetes Acute and chronic complications caused by poor blood glucose control have seriously affected the quality of life and life expectancy of Chinese patients with type 1 diabetes. We appeal for fully public understanding of patients with type 1 diabetes, providing good medical care for them, and uniting with specialists nationwide to provide them with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products free of charge, which is conducive to managing them scientifically and conducting remote diabetes management by doctors. Since the implementation of the activities, more than 3,000 patients have gained tangible benefits.

Sibionics Anti-epidemic Campaign

Sibionics has actively responded to the call of epidemic prevention and control, assigned more than ten professional medical service team members to carry out nucleic acid testing activities in regional communities with a cumulative sample number of more than 30,000, and did its best to fight the epidemic.

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