Artificial retina

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a fundus disease caused by retrograde degeneration of retinal photoreceptor cells, which leads to gradually reduced visual field and eventually complete blindness. It was listed in the first batch of rare diseases by National Health Commission in 2018.

The targeted artificial retina (implantable retinal electrical stimulator) developed by Sibionics can help patients re-form vision.

Leading progress in the industry
  • Completed registration inspection, animal test and biocompatibility test
  • Approved to enter CFDA Innovative Medical Device Special Approval Channel
  • The multi-center clinical trial has obtained PI clinical base ethics approval
Underlying technology
Circuit chip

Width pulse, multimodal impedance measurement active charge balance

Film electrode

High electrode density and low surface impedance

Encapsulated integrated circuit

Ultra-high density and ultra-high air tightness

Radio transmission

Long distance, high data rate, data energy single frequency two-way transmission

Coding strategy

Deep focus stimulation, virtual electrode stimulation

Technical advantages
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