Integrated circuit design platform

Based on integrated circuit design platform, Sibionics has independent chip design capability. The ultra-low power digital-analog hybrid system is designed to realize active charge balance and multi-mode impedance acquisition, and the perfect low power analog IP platform fully guarantees the low power consumption, small size and low cost of active implantable products.Such as low-power design MCU, A/D, D/A, Charge pump, Temp & Mag sensors and other key modules

CGM custom chip "Tang"
Core functions of implantable chip
Strong stability

Multiple independent current sources, high voltage

High accuracy

Nanoampere-level micro current detection

Convenient transmission

Bluetooth, NFC

Proprietary design of implantable chip
Overcurrent protection, electric leakage monitoring, water leakage monitoring
Active charge balance (capacitive, non-capacitive)
Invention patent Charge Compensation Circuit, Charge Compensation Method and Artificial Retina System
Invention patent Pulse Current Generation Circuit for Nerve Stimulation and Artificial Retina System
Active implantation process platform

The special processes of active implantation of Sibionics include MEMS/ micro and nano processing, air-tight packaging, fine processing/assembly, precision injection molding, etc., which fully guarantees the air tightness, stability and reliability of products under in vivo implantation environment; at present, the process, parameters and customized equipment of the special processes have been fully configured in a number of aseptic workshops that comply with GMP standards

Artificial intelligence and medical big data platform

Combined with the latest evidence-based medicine achievements and specialist experience, through affiliated Internet hospital platforms and advanced artificial intelligence technology accumulation, Sibionics has established a set of standard R&D and product process from scientific research to transformation of academic achievements then to market application. The algorithm models and data results have been extensively applied in medical scientific research and public health projects

Among them, medical image artificial intelligence algorithm is extensively applied in the field of disease screening and diagnosis, effectively reducing the probability of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, and improving the level and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, we are actively advancing in-depth research on the medical data integrating intelligent hardware devices such as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), mining the potential value of basic data to improve the quality and efficiency of chronic disease management and promote its clinical application

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