You can use SIBIONICS® CGM to check real-time, continuous and
comprehensive blood glucose data and fluctuation trend on your
mobile phone and receive the alert of abnormal blood glucose.
The whole process is free from blood sampling and finger pricking,
helping you better manage blood glucose

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*In November 2021, SIBIONICS® CGM was approved by National Medical Products Administration (G.X.Z.Z: 20213070871) for marketing, and became the first approved CGM product free from finger blood calibration in China.

Product composition
Free from finger pricking

Easy measurement of blood glucose without calibration

Abnormal reminder

Abnormal reminder of high or low blood glucose level

24h protection

14-day effective period, real-time monitoring


One-click sharing of blood glucose data, co-management by physicians/friends and relatives

IPX8 waterproof

*IPX8 waterproof, it has been verified through test that the product can be soaked in water for 1 meter for 60 minutes, but it is not recommended to soak for a long time

Protect anytime and anywhere
Feelingless wear

One press, easy to use

Hypodermic implantation with flexible soft needle, light and painless
*Please see the operation video for how to wear

Easy-to-use for the elderly
Step 1
Step 2
Check blood glucose data on mobile phone
Medical grade professional blood glucose report

AGP, also known as Ambulatory Glucose Profile, is a blood glucose management tool recommended by international clinical guidelines. It can present complex multi-day blood glucose data in a more intuitive way, clearly show the time for high blood glucose level, low blood glucose level and large blood glucose fluctuation, and help physicians and users better assess and manage blood glucose health.

The schematic representation of AGP (Ambulatory Glucose Profile) is shown above
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