Fundus AI-assisted diagnosis system

Construct national AI fundus screening medical association

Retina is the only part of human body where blood vessels and nerves can be directly observed. Through deep
learning and artificial intelligence, eye-si™ screens retinal images to diagnose more than 20 diseases in the
entire fundus, including glaucoma and maculopathy

*The first fundus disease assisted diagnosis software approved for application in China *The first artificial intelligence innovative medical device approved for application in China

Why do we need AI fundus screening?
Large patient base and high health risk

The average incidence of positive signs of fundus diseases in the whole population is 26.99%, and that in the group above 60 years old is 68.95%.

In 2020, there were 37.3 million patients with diabetic retinopathy, 42.2 million patients with hypertensive retinopathy, and more than 100 million patients with eye diseases including retinal vein obstruction and macular degeneration in China.

Shortage of medical resources

In June 2020, the National Health Commission released the White Paper on Eye Health in China, which pointed out that there were only 44,800 ophthalmologists in China, and only about 1,000 of them were fundus specialists.

Inadequate national fundus screening rate

About 70% of diabetics never received standard fundus examinations. The outpatient fundus screen rate is less than 10%.

Service customers cover more than 140 cities in 22 provinces

Applicable to hospitals, community clinics, physical examination centers, optometry centers, optical stores, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc.

Can be applied across departments, including endocrinology, ophthalmology, cardiology, nephrology, etc.

  • Hospital
  • Clinics at all levels
    Social health centers
  • Physical examination institutions
  • Pharmacy
  • Optical stores
  • Insurer
  • 20+provinces
  • 140+cities
  • 10+public physical examination centers
  • 150+private physical examination centers
The accuracy is comparable to that of fundus specialists

The world's leading level of clinical data:sensitivity87.05%,specificity95.68%

The overall screening efficiency has been improved by several times
eye-si™ AIfundus screening integrated solution

Based on deep learning technology, "eye-si" AI fundus screening system instrumentalizes and standardizes the diagnostic experience of fundus specialists, so as to improve fundus reading efficiency, reduce the probability of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, improve the diagnosis and treatment level and accuracy, and better realize the early detection, early intervention and early treatment of fundus diseases.

System management end

Integrate the functions of image acquisition, transmission, storage management, diagnostic inquiry and report management.

Assisted diagnosis cloud

Based on deep learning technology, it carries out high-quality training in 100,000 + fundus image database and forms models, instrumentalizes the rich diagnostic experience of fundus specialists and magnifies the coverage by ten million times.

System management end

Regional organization device status, software license management, support information screening and classification, provide access management of multiple reading manufacturers, meet the needs of group hospitals or multi-level institutions.

Distributed acquisition, centralized analysis

Fundus image acquisition

Compatible for various fundus cameras, and image acquisition only takes 1.5 to 3 minutes


AI reading diagnosis

Fundus images enter AI reading center, and the diagnosis results will be issued within 20 seconds


Internet hospital doctor diagnosis reading film


Data backhaul

(Manual review is added according to the scene) The final diagnosis report is issued and sent to the user end

Operation and maintenance training
IT engineers respond quickly in 5 minutes
Troubleshoot within 8 hours
Customer service 7*10h online response
Continuously follow up user feedback
Improve satisfaction
Software service architecture customization
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